Welcome to Crowder College Bookstore!


Can I have someone else pickup books for me?

Our policy requires that you if you want another person to pick up your books AND charge them to your student account, you must send a note with that person stating your name, and that you have designated and approved this person, (their name) to pick up books for you and charge to your account. This document must be signed and you must include your student ID# on the request.

If someone is picking up and paying for books on your behalf we just need them to provide us with your student ID.

Do I need an ID to purchase items in the Bookstore?

Any time you are going to be charging to your student account or asking us to access your Crowder student information an ID IS required. Crowder College student ID cards are the preferred and recommended form of ID to use in the Bookstore. If however, you have not yet received your college ID you are allowed to use a VALID PHOTO ID such as your drivers license or passport.

Do you have any shipping address guidelines?

YES! All orders need a physical address/street address. NO PO Boxes

How long does it take an item to ship?

Your order will ship in 24-48 business hours providing that the information you provide
is correct and that the method of payment is approved. This is our normal shipping
policy, however is the college is closed due to inclement weather or holidays this will
cause a delay.

If I don’t get my rental loaner books returned by the due date and am charged full price am I able to return them later?

Provided the book does not change and is eligible under buyback rules you can attempt
to return to any Crowder College Bookstore at the next buyback.

What are the Bookstore hours?

Neosho bookstore hours vary. During Spring and Fall semesters while class is in session our hours are Monday-Thursday 7:30a-4:30p Fridays 8a-4:30p.

Between semesters and during the Summer semester our hours are Monday-Friday 8a-4:30p.

We are closed anytime the college is closed, either for Holidays or weather related events.


What if I don’t return my Dual Credit books on time?

If you do not return your book you will be CHARGED FULL NEW BOOK PRICE


What is a Textbook Service Fee?

Some classes have textbook service fees. This means that you are charged for access to your eBook course materials when you sign up for class. When your instructor opens the class then you will have access to these resources in Canvas. You have the OPTION to purchase a loose-leaf version of your eBook from the Bookstore but it is NOT required. If you choose to OPT OUT of your eBook through Canvas before the 100% drop date then you will be refunded this fee but you will NO LONGER have access to your online course materials and you will not be able to purchase the optional loose-leaf.

What kind of items can I charge to my Student Account?

You can charge any course materials, supply items (pens, pencils, notebooks, binders, scrubs, specialty items ordered through a department etc) You can also charge Crowder Gear and Merchandise but it is limited to $50 per semester. No food or drinks can be charged to your student account.

When are my Dual Credit books due back?

ALL DUAL CREDIT loaner books are due back the Friday OF FINALS WEEK

Will the Neosho Bookstore be open on Graduation Day?

Yes the Crowder NEOSHO campus bookstore will be open graduation day from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm.