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Shipping & Campus Delivery

Where do I get my course materials?

You can come to any of our locations and pick up books on site. Bring a copy of your schedule and your Crowder ID or valid photo ID and we will get you fixed up! However, as you all know, because of the conditions we are facing with COVID-19, be mindful that you will need to wear a mask and all of our stores have capacity limitations. Please plan accordingly.

Now, let’s talk about what to do if your brick and mortar store does not have what you need.

Your first option is to Purchase your books online and have them shipped directly to you. 

If you decide to go this route, select the ‘Books’ tab on our website and fill out the corresponding drop-down menus with the information listed on your schedule. If you are having trouble accessing your course materials please click the link below and visit our instructional page.

 How Do I Find My Course Materials?

Please provide a valid shipping address while checking out. Unfortunately, we cannot ship to PO BOXES, so please list a physical address. Payment can be made by charging to your student account or using a credit card. You will be responsible for shipping fees. 


Your second option is to Place your order online – Have it sent to the Campus you prefer – Pick up in store.

You will still need to place your order on www.crowderbookstore.com and then select PREORDER CAMPUS PICKUP. THERE IS A $3 PROCESSING FEE FOR SHIPPING TO ANY CAMPUS FACILITY.  This is NOT same day delivery or pick up. We process orders in the order they are received, we will notify you when it is available. We will process this order in NEOSHO and ship it to the campus you selected. Once the campus receives your prepackaged order they will notify you of its arrival. You will need to pick it up at that location. All locations are open and accepting WALK-INS. You will need to bring your current Crowder ID or drivers license to pick up your package. Masks are required to enter Crowder Facilities.


Don’t worry, if you have questions feel free to email us at bookstore@crowder.edu or call us @ 417-455-5588 We’re here to help!


Instant Access FAQ


Some of our classes require an “Instant Access” also known as a “Proof of
Purchase” from the Bookstore to view your online content.


When you are enrolled in one of these classes, the textbook company has given
you a trial period where you have free access to your course materials. This trial is
provided so that you have a grace period to purchase your instant access or proof
of purchase from the Bookstore. At the end of this trial your access will expire and
you will no longer have access to your course materials. Once this expires you will
have to purchase rights thru the textbook company which is considerably more

The Bookstore also has a limited time to sell you the continued use of the online

We stop selling Instant Access/ Proof of Purchase on the last day to drop
your classes and receive 100% refund. Usually 10 days into your semester.
Some of these classes offer an optional loose-leaf book to accompany your online
content. This cannot be purchased unless you have purchased rights to view your
online course materials.

Download the PDF and read later